You Didn’t Really Love Me, You Just Didn’t Want Someone Else To

When you say you love someone they usually believe you. People normally believe when you love someone you do everything in your power not to hurt them. But that wasn't the case for you. You just pretended to love me because you liked the attention. You liked knowing that you had a faithful girl who sadly... Continue Reading →


You Could Die Tomorrow, Stop Loving Him if He Doesn’t Love You

It's a hard reality that you don't want to accept. You love him you really do, and at one point you thought he really loved you too. But now you're faced with the fact of either being with someone who doesn't love you or he makes you believe he still loves you so he can... Continue Reading →

I Hate You For What You Did To Me

It all started with a look, one little glance and I was completely screwed.  You're the type of guy that makes girls wish they could see into the future so they could know if the heartbreak would be worth it. Yours wasn't. I lost everything I was. I lost the ambitious woman I wanted to... Continue Reading →

She Will Stop Loving You

There will be a time and place where she looks herself in the mirror and gives up. It's inevitable, because of the way you're treating her. No one wants to feel like the person they love isn't putting in the effort, is taking advantage of them, or thinks they will never lose the person. It... Continue Reading →

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