I Promise One Day You’ll Find Your Forever Person

Promise yourself you will wait for the best because they are waiting for you.


Help us Regain the Rights to Our Work By Donating to Help With Our Legal Fees

Hi everyone, Now, this is a way different post than you're used to from me. Because it's not something you might be able to relate to... And to be honest I hope it's not! Because this has been a hard and heartbreaking journey already but we are getting through it. If you follow me on... Continue Reading →

I Hate You For What You Did To Me

It all started with a look, one little glance and I was completely screwed.  You're the type of guy that makes girls wish they could see into the future so they could know if the heartbreak would be worth it. Yours wasn't. I lost everything I was. I lost the ambitious woman I wanted to... Continue Reading →

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