Read This If Your Heart Is Too Bruised To Move On

It's okay to be heartbroken. I don't think people say that enough. We live in this world where the stigma of breaks either happen nasty on social media or people don't really care so they don't bring it up. When reality is, no matter what kind of break up you have, it's traumatizing and it... Continue Reading →


Only A Jerk Uses Her Heart Of Gold Against Her

She loved him. That much she knows is true, but so does he. And currently, he is trying to take advantage of that love. He knows that if he needs anything she will be there. Because she loves him to much to let go even though she should. Deep down she’s hoping things can be... Continue Reading →

She Will Stop Loving You

There will be a time and place where she looks herself in the mirror and gives up. It's inevitable, because of the way you're treating her. No one wants to feel like the person they love isn't putting in the effort, is taking advantage of them, or thinks they will never lose the person. It... Continue Reading →

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