Distance Is Nothing, When Someone Means Everything

Love is a crazy thing. It's a choice you make every day when you look into your S.O.'s eyes. You chose to love them yesterday and the days before that, and you choose to love them today, and all of the tomorrows. It's important to remember that when miles come between you. Distance doesn't make a... Continue Reading →


Even Though He Left, You Can’t Seem To Let Him Go

It's so hard to accept the fact that you still want a man who doesn't want you because you're not that girl. You know your worth, and it's unfair because you know the only person you're hurting is yourself... But damn, he somehow got you under his spell... And even though he left and broke... Continue Reading →

I Hate You For What You Did To Me

It all started with a look, one little glance and I was completely screwed.  You're the type of guy that makes girls wish they could see into the future so they could know if the heartbreak would be worth it. Yours wasn't. I lost everything I was. I lost the ambitious woman I wanted to... Continue Reading →

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