Your Standards Aren’t Too High, You Just Know What You Want

There is nothing wrong with having standards. Especially, high ones. You've just been hurt before so your walls are high, and they should be. You're not ready to go into something just to get hurt again. Because you've been there, done that, and you're over it. You're done being the one who cares too much... Continue Reading →


Distance Is Nothing, When Someone Means Everything

Love is a crazy thing.┬áIt's a choice you make every day when you look into your S.O.'s eyes. You chose to love them yesterday and the days before that, and you choose to love them today, and all of the tomorrows. It's important to remember that when miles come between you. Distance doesn't make a... Continue Reading →

She Will Stop Loving You

There will be a time and place where she looks herself in the mirror and gives up. It's inevitable, because of the way you're treating her. No one wants to feel like the person they love isn't putting in the effort, is taking advantage of them, or thinks they will never lose the person. It... Continue Reading →

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