Read This If Your Heart Is Too Bruised To Move On

It's okay to be heartbroken. I don't think people say that enough. We live in this world where the stigma of breaks either happen nasty on social media or people don't really care so they don't bring it up. When reality is, no matter what kind of break up you have, it's traumatizing and it... Continue Reading →


Love All Of Her or Leave, It’s That Simple

She doesn't need a man; accept that or don't... But she's doing just fine either way. Don't think playing games will win her over or get you anything other than blocked. She's been there done that, and she's over being dragged into the dirt for just another you know what boy. So, love all of... Continue Reading →

She Will Stop Loving You

There will be a time and place where she looks herself in the mirror and gives up. It's inevitable, because of the way you're treating her. No one wants to feel like the person they love isn't putting in the effort, is taking advantage of them, or thinks they will never lose the person. It... Continue Reading →

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